Bespoke Engineering


From Paperclips to Space Shuttles

Bespoke offers a full suite of Engineering services, from invention to production all under one roof.
We have an enthusiastic and talented team of Industrial designers, mechanical, automotive and mechatronic engineers and technicians -who can invent solutions if you give us your problem, take your sketch and make it real, reverse engineer and finesse existing designs and everything in between.

Bespoke has a fully equipped precision workshop with 3 and 4 axis CNC machines, multi-axis CNC lathes, welding (including TIG), fabrication and 3d printers.

Our Electronics capability includes extensive experience with microprocessors including Arduino and Raspberry Pi, outputting to devices and HMI’s using copper or over the air, as well as custom designed PCB and circuitry.

Our Workshop also includes a vehicle hoist with highly experienced automotive technicians on site.

With these extensive onsite facilities, we can prototype and develop products up to an including full production runs.

Bespoke can tackle everything from small one-offs such as replicating hard to get components, such as for exotic cars, simple fabrications and weldments, consumer products, precision machined components, up to complex automated production machinery.

We have a number of highly skilled Solid Works practitioners who can model your parts, analyse for stress/deflection, heat or flow, render for presentations or produce prototypes using 3d printing, or machine in plastics/proofing board or metals as required.

We have long experience with patents and IP protection and can draw up inventions and liaise with patent attorneys to get your idea protected.

The Bespoke team are active motorsport and aviation enthusiasts and we are also developing a number of interesting products, that are marketed through ‘Radial Motion’.

Meet the team


Here at Bespoke Engineering, we have an extensive range of talented individuals that are continually working on exciting new products, such as the lowering race trailer and our Boris racing wheels.

The team is made up of our core engineering team, as well as interns and team members that have come through the associate program. To find out more of these two exciting programs, please read below.

“Our capability is anything from a paperclip to a space shuttle.”
Bespoke Engineering

Formula SAE suspension brackets for UniSA machined at Bespoke Engineering


Nick Mebberson – Managing Director

Loui Burke – Director-Business Development

Scott Pearce – Head Designer

Beau Kuchel – Engineering Manager

Chris Marshall – Factory Manager

Paul Meggison – CNC Machinist

Greg Foord –Head Mechatronic Engineer

Jennifer Edwards – Office Manager

Josh Kade – Junior Engineer

Chris Norton – Junior Engineer

Todd Ramsay – Junior Engineer

Tom Verco – Junior Engineer

Hugh Mebberson – Workshop Technician


Brian Lee

Internship Program


We recognize the obligation we have to assist the Engineers of the future, as a result
Bespoke Engineering has initiated its first internship program, offering both undergraduates and graduates the opportunity to have industrial experience and enhance their networking. Within the program, interns are fully integrated with our team and given projects which are pre-established, approaching maturity, or in a blank slate state where they will be responsible for all design and development operations and processes. By doing this we intend to create open communication and collaboration with local universities in order to better prepare students for their careers and as members of our community.
For information on this program please email our engineering manager

Associate Program


We have a powerful blend of youth and experience at Bespoke Engineering and have opportunities for those more experienced to mentor those starting their careers.