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We offer a comprehensive suite of engineering services, from invention to production, all under one roof. 

Our team includes industrial designers, mechanical, automotive and mechatronic engineers, machinists and technicians. We tackle projects of all sizes and levels of complexity, applying the same enthusiasm and expertise to a small one-off project as we do to taking a new product from concept to full scale manufacturing.

Our design and engineering capabilities include:

•    3D printing

•    3 and 4-axis CNC machines

•    3D scanning

•    CMM

•    Multi-axis CNC lathes

•    SolidWorks CAD design, modelling and analysis

•    Fabrication and TIG welding 

•    Vehicle hoist and dynamometer

•    Electronic integration including Arduino and Raspberry Pi microprocessors, custom designed circuitry and wired and wireless connectivity.

With these extensive onsite facilities, we can prototype and develop products up to and including full production runs.
Bespoke can tackle everything from small one-off jobs, such as replicating hard to get components for exotic cars or vintage aeroplanes, simple fabrications and weldments, consumer products, precision machined components, up to complex automated production machinery.

Our highly skilled SolidWorks CAD practitioners can model your parts, analyse for stress, deflection, heat and flow, render for presentations or produce prototypes using 3D printing, or machining in plastics/proofing board or metals as required.

We have long experience with patents and IP protection and can draw up inventions and liaise with patent attorneys to get your idea protected. We can also help you take the next step, with guidance on strategy, branding and marketing from our extensive network of contacts.

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